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Swimrun course design

Returning guests

If you are running a resort or hotel and want to offer your guests the opportunity to experience Swimrunning. We will help you from the first idea, developing and building the course, all the way to arranging training camps and making sure your guests are coming back again.

Swimrun Experiences

Enjoy and share

We will put together a Swimrun experience that you will never forget. Anything from the easy “try it” experience all the way to a corporate full day with support boats and crew. You tell us what you want and we’ll make sure you have a great experience

About us

In early 2016 we started taking swimrun athletes on trips around the Stockholm archipelago. With this in mind we explored the archipelago even further and built our own courses that suited our guests. We wanted to create an experience for our athletes they wouldn’t forget!

The next step for Swimrun Explore was when we were invited to build a dedicated swimrun course for a major resort. After this we have been busy with resorts mainly in Sweden, and with the positive feedback from resorts and athletes we have also been invited to resorts throughout Europe.

Nicolas Remires
Co-founder & Swimrun professional

I am a french multi-sports athlete and endurance sports coach in Stockholm, Sweden. I know exactly what is needed to make you and your customers Experience!

Jens Nasholm
Co founder & Project manager

I love the outdoor and anything endurance. With a past in the IT, sports and event industry I will make sure our projects run as planned with happy customers as a result!

Damian Herbert
Co Founder & Business developer

Being an avid cyclist and endurance athlete this is right up my alley. Having started and managed a number of start-ups I will ensure the success of our business!

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